Equity for the Future

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Universal Pre-K and Reading

  • I fully support the efforts to expand high-quality, developmentally appropriate preschool services/programs for four year olds in Durham. About half of Durham’s four year olds live below the poverty line. There are numerous studies that show that low socio-economic status correlates directly to readiness for reading and math. For years, research has shown the benefits for young children who have high quality preschool experiences and their readiness for kindergarten and learning in general. I served on the founding board of the Durham’s Partnership for Children and have been a long time advocate for equity in early childhood education for all children. I founded a Children’s Museum in Durham in 1998 based on my research for the need for young children to have high quality, language rich experiences. The needs of our young children and their families have not changed much in over twenty years, and are still not being adequately addressed. As a result, we have far too many children who are not learning to read or to love to read. 
  • Once students reach kindergarten, the DPS reading curriculum, instruction and human resources are currently not adequate to meet their needs. Only a few select elementary schools actually have a literacy curriculum. While Durham is filled with literacy resources and access to several local universities, DPS continues to lag behind in providing our teachers with the tools and professional development needed in order to provide high quality instruction in reading. There is also a lack of human resources designated specifically for teaching reading.

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