Equity for Families

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Opportunity, Translation Services, and Communication

Every student, regardless of where they live, what their first language is, and what their test scores are, deserves a great education. This requires that the school district as a whole prioritize equity training for teachers; the provision of translation services on a scale that meets the great need in the district; the creation and maintenance of open communication between families, teachers, and the district; effective and sustainable use of restorative practices in every school across the district. 

  • Providing Equity Training (Cultural Responsiveness) for teachers is a good beginning, but the Equity Training provided for teachers in DPS has been limited and not necessarily put into practice on a day-to-day basis in schools. How are schools being monitored for accountability? What supports are in place for teachers? Are administrators being supported by the district to provide resources for their staff around equity issues? Is there enough staff in our Office of Equity Affairs to be able to reach and teach our school personnel at a high-quality level that will make a difference for families and students?
  • Translation services, which are glaringly understaffed (1 to 900 ratio), must be made available so that all parents are able to advocate for and support their child in their education. Teachers who happen to be bilingual need to be in their classrooms teaching, not translating on an as needed basis. Translators (in many languages) need to be accessible so that vital parent-teacher communication happens. 
  • Parents and teachers need to be informed and heard in order for fairness to be implemented into daily practice. Schools must value the input and involvement of parents and families and not stop at simply welcoming them, but proactively encourage them to be an empowered participant in the decision making processes of the school.  Administrators and counselors should educate all parents about our educational system and the opportunities available to DPS students. Our schools must become a place where all families are valued, not only in word, but in practice.

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