Equity for All

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Justice, Resources, and Empowerment

There is a strong need for an equitable distribution of resources among the schools that serve so many communities across our district. Our schools do not receive equitable treatment and resources within the district. This contributes to teacher retention in specific schools and high teacher turnover in other schools. All schools should be treated fairly, regardless of their zip code or their test performance. Every student, teacher and administrator deserves to be valued and given acknowledgement for their hard work and determination to succeed.

This must be reflected in the process of student assignment; the assessment of administrators, teachers and students; the provision of resources and staffing; the maintenance of safe facilities that inspire learning, creativity, and a sense of security and well-being; and the provision of resources that represent the diversity in our communities.  

  • The process for new student assignment and changing boundaries for schools is going to take place over the next three years. I will be the voice that makes sure this is done in an honest, thorough manner so that the voices of all are not only listened to at public forums, but that they are heard and valued. Segregation must end in Durham Public Schools.
  • The letter grade alone of a school should not determine how administrators, teachers and students are treated or judged. I believe that the School Board has an obligation to make sure that ALL schools are receiving appropriate recognition and support to meet their specific needs. 
  • While several schools currently receive financial support from state and federal grants, these grants are a temporary fix. Are we supporting these schools to assure that the resources and staffing will be sustained when the grants end? The district should not allow progress to be lost due to a lack of planning to address expiring grants.  We can better support our students and teachers by assisting with grant writing. 
  • Once these resources are gained, they should be used to equitably address the needs of all of our schools. I am working in a school that has had unsafe playground equipment and unrepaired potholes in the entranceway driveway for over two years. No child in DPS should be exposed to an unsafe playground and no parent or teacher should have to dodge large potholes daily as they enter their school in the morning, no matter where their school is located or how large or small membership is in their PTA. What message is sent to parents, students and teachers in our schools that continue to experience non-equitable treatment in our district?
  • Books and curriculum need to reflect current research and findings about cultural responsiveness. How is the board making sure that each and every school is being held to high standards and making necessary changes in an expedient manner? Every day that goes by for students who are not being seen and valued for who they are in our schools is an injustice and a barrier to their education.

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